Bathroom Furniture and Laundry

Synergie produces modular bathroom furniture, characterized by a minimalist Japanese-inspired design. The range is completed by a practical and functional line for the furnishing of laundries.

Synergie - Gruppo Corazzin

Synergie functional design for Bathroom and Laundry

Our bathroom furniture collection embodies timeless elegance and the simplicity of minimalist lines. Each piece has been carefully created to offer a bathroom space with a clean, contemporary design. Each element is designed to offer a functional and harmonious user experience. High-quality materials and impeccable finishes add a touch of sophistication. What’s more, our modular laundry product line offers intelligent solutions to make maximum use of the available space. Whether you have a small laundry room or a large dedicated area, you will find a wide range of modular units to suit your specific needs. You can easily organise detergents, accessories and laundry baskets, keeping everything handy and optimising the efficiency of your washing and drying activities.

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