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Each project is unique.
We adapt to the needs of each professional and provide turn-key solutions and personalized support at every stage of the project, offering constant advice.

1 Request / Project

Direct dialogue with the company with a single contact person.

2 Technical analysis

Project definition, materials, technical solutions and cost estimation.

3 Planning

Study of the design, individual components and the entire project.

4 Prototyping

Sample realisation.

5 Production

In-house manufacturing, full control over the product, reliable timing and made-in-Italy quality.

6 Logistics

Internal resources and reliable partners.

7 Installation

Professional installation and assembly.

8 Assistance

Product warranty and continuous assistance.


Inside the factory, the Projects and Research section examines the order through dedicated software developed for our business needs. This allows us to obtain the best design and planning of the work with cost analysis, identification of critical issues in production and assembly in order to best interpret the project, thus transforming every single element into an opportunity for create a quality piece of furniture

Contract - Gruppo Corazzin


Projects, requirements and customisation sometimes imply a craftsmanship approach to work. The resulting ‘made-to-measure’ gives rise to a production that combines technological capabilities with the prestige of special workmanship, creating a unique finished product of the highest quality.

Contract - Gruppo Corazzin

Craft knowledge and Technological skills.

Craftsmanship and technological skills are not in opposition, we are rather certain that making them coexist means arriving at a perfect dimension. Using technology and at the same time committing personally creates a different energy that puts people, designers and product customisation at the centre, in addition to the company. Catalogues and models become only the starting point for creating new solutions. Each project, since it comes from a confrontation, can be considered unique

Contract - Gruppo Corazzin

Search for materials, fine workmanship

Direct dialogue with the company through a single person of contact. Each piece of furniture is recognisable and unique. The search for and selection of new materials becomes essential. We have been doing this for 50 years, looking at simple things and their details, step by step, result by result, modifying each time dimensions, shapes and proportions to achieve a quality product with a handcrafted taste.

Contract - Gruppo Corazzin
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