Sofas and Upholstered Beds

ConfortLine produces Upholstered furniture: Sofas, sofa beds, beds and armchairs. All products are made with sartorial care and excellent features. The collection presents modern products to furnish both domestic, contract and hospitality environments.

Confortline - Gruppo Corazzin

ConfortLine comfortable upholstered furniture, with a distinctive design.

ConfortLine offers refined and modern upholstered products, designed to respond to the real needs of those who use them, comfort and relax first.
ConfortLine offers a diversified selection of modular sofas, characterized by a modern or contemporary design with fixed models or equipped with mechanisms on seats and backrests, guaranteeing ergonomic solutions for maximum comfort. A large collection of sofa beds with different types of opening mechanisms or containers for the home and hotel. Furthermore, a vast selection of over 40 types of upholstered beds with a minimalist design or a more classic taste that can be highly customised.

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