Contemporary Day and Night furniture

Favero represents excellence in the furniture industry, born from the tradition of wood and fueled by the passion for Contemporary style. The company stands out in offering high quality products and exclusive design for the Living and Sleeping Area.

Favero - Gruppo Corazzin

Handcrafted art in Contemporary Design

The contemporary design proposed by Favero is a refined interpretation of the bourgeois style, which stands out for its elegance and timeless sophistication.
Clean, sophisticated lines, combined with high-quality materials and impeccable finishes, combine harmoniously to create environments that emanate a sense of timeless luxury and class. Favero’s craftsmanship combines perfectly with the use of the most advanced technologies, giving life to quality collections. Thanks to the vast range of highly customizable wardrobe containers, bookcases and walk-in wardrobes, customers can create unique compositions that perfectly adapt to their space and style needs. This modular approach allows greater freedom of expression and superior versatility in furnishing rooms.

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